Emma Grace | 7 Month Update

Monday, March 9, 2015

These are the best pictures I could get this month.  She is always on the move...and apparently being 7 months old is serious business (as expressed in the bottom picture).  LOL.

Weight: 16.8 lbs (40% percentile)
Length: 26 inches (35% percentile)
Milestones:  I don't know what I am going to do with this girl.  She is walking with her walker and has started clapping.  She loves when we say "yay, Emma!" and she claps her little heart out.  She is saying mama and hi and still learning to wave hi/bye.  She has this cute little Miss America wave.  Emma has 5 teeth.  She also started playing Peek-a-Boo back with us.  It's sooo cute!
Sleep: She is back to sleeping through the night.  Almost 12 hours and still taking 2 naps during the day that are each 1-2 hours long.  I hope it stays like that!
Eating:  Still eating like a big girl.  She loves pretty much everything.  We started giving her yogurt and she has done really well.  That was something I was a little worried about with all the dairy.  She is a pro at picking food up and feeding herself.  I am still going strong breastfeeding.
Favorites:  Emma loves music.  This is something she definitely gets from her daddy.  I really hopes it continues.  She loves her shadow.  She tries so hard to grab it.  Her favorite thing to do is chase Neko, our dog, around.  Of course, he takes off as soon as he sees her coming. LOL.  She loves to play fetch with him too.  She gets so excited and kicks her little feet.  She has started doing this really silly (fake) laugh and I love it.  Her personality is starting to shine through.  She even fake coughs.  Haha. 
Dislikes:  She still doesn't like to put on the changing table for very long.  We are definitely going through a little separation anxiety as well and she doesn't like when we leave the room. 
Clothes:  She is in 6 month clothes and fitting into some 6-12 months.  She is growing so fast!


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