The Perfect Snack for Holiday Gatherings

Friday, December 1, 2017

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pagoda®. The opinions and text are all mine.

I love hosting get togethers at my house during the holidays.  From Friends-giving and Favorite Things Parties to easy Asian inspired dinners, it's something that both my husband and I enjoy doing and have been doing since we starting dating almost 6 years ago.

A huge part of those gatherings are, of course, the food!  Sometimes I love going all out and making things from scratch, but sometimes I find a great deal at Publix that I just can't pass up; like these Pagoda® Vegetable Egg Rolls and Pagoda® Pork Potstickers.

Right now, Pagoda products are part of the Publix digital coupon deals and you don't want to miss out on this. 

Now, if you caught my last post, then you know that I'm doing a little something called "No Cook November" and I haven't cooked all month.  One freezer meal that I went to when having company last week was chicken fried rice.  It was the perfect meal for all of us and the Pagoda Vegetable Egg Rolls and Potstickers took our meal to another level!

The Pagoda snacks were easy to prep, which meant I could continue with my "No Cook November" plan by just putting them in the oven to warm up.  They're made with fresh-cut veggies, from-scratch wrappers, and 100% white meat chicken.  It takes just 20 minutes to go from freezer to plate.  Super easy!  They came out hot, crunchy and delicious.  Seriously, my 3 year old ate two egg rolls and the pot stickers were gone in minutes!

Made with no MSG, no certified artificial dyes, no trans fat, no PHOs, no high fructose syrup and no preservatives, I feel good about snacking on them and will definitely add them to future gatherings just for the Sweet Chili Sauce alone. So good!

You can find Pagoda products in the freezer aisle at your local Publix.  Don't forget that right now you can also get $1 off using Publix digital coupons.  You are definitely going to want to add these on your holiday grocery list this year!


  1. Goodness my hubby would love this! Right up his alley.

  2. #1. I love Publix. I've missed the BOGO deals since we've moved to Texas. #2 I freaking love potstickers AND egg rolls. I don't know what it is. These two foods have my whole heart. So delicious and these look really easy to make/serve!

  3. These look great. Nice that it's something other than really sweet treats, which is what I tend to bake! These area good balance for holiday gatherings!

  4. Yum these snacks look great! I love balancing homemade with semi homemade recipes! Moms can't do it all!

  5. I’ve seen these at Walmart before, haven’t tried them yet. “No Cook November” sounds amazing, by the way. Totally need to start that next month lol.

  6. These look SO good! I'm all about super easy but fun ideas like this... I am NO chef and sometimes feel like I'm lacking in that area when I have people over!