Product Review | Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Y'all, I could not have received this Vicks Mini FilterFree CoolMist Humidifier at a better time!  The weather here in Florida, as I'm sure everywhere else, has been crazy.  It's been really nice, but it can't make up it's mind.  It's either really hot or really cold.  The result, a very stuffy house. 

Emma and I woke up last week both congestion and caught little colds.  We actually own a Crane Humidifier, but I've never really been that impressed with the way it works.  I don't feel like it usually makes much of a difference.  It is quiet, and I like how you can adjust he nozzle, but it's limited to that one spot.

Now, the Vicks Mini FilterFree CoolMist Humidifier, was wonderful all around.  I used it in my room and in Emma's room and I felt like we both woke up feeling a lot better and able to breathe better.  I could walk in her room and tell a difference right away in the air.  It was easy to move around (lightweight) and very quiet.  Personally, I am not a fan of sound machines while I'm trying to sleep, so this was a huge factor for me. 

Another awesome part of this product is that it came with Vicks VapoPads.  These are scent pads that you can put in the humidifier to release the scent of Vicks.  Easy to use and no mess to clean up.  I love that option and I love that I don't have to rub anything on my chest.  They also come in a lavender and rosemary scent for kids, which I would prefer for Emma. 

We used the Vicks Mini FilterFree CoolMist Humidifier for a week and I was completely satisfied with it.  It is definitely a product that I recommend purchasing and we will continue to use it!

Thank you Influenster for allowing me to review this!

 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."
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BBM Challenge | Week 5

Monday, February 16, 2015

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It's a brand new week and now that I am a month in, I am determined to really step things up!

Here is how my week went...

Strength-Day 29:
Squat Press-25; Close Grip Push Ups-10; Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat-R11 L14; Bicep Curl Twist-20; Static Lunge Press-R19 L14; Plank Rows-8

Fit Test/Weigh-in Day 30:  *See previous post here

Strength-Day 31: I'm not going to lie, I killed it today! LOL ;)
Squat Press-35; Close Grip Push Ups-11; Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat-R19 L19; Bicep Curl Twist-33; Static Lunge Press-R21 L21; Plank Rows-12

Cardio-Day 32: I broke a sweat like you would not believe and I'm hoping I stay motivated and keep it up.
Fake Jump Rope-140; Burpee/Leg Lift-17; Butt Kickers-160; Mountain Climbers-100; X-Squats-32; Irish Jig-80; Squat Jumps-25; Power Jump Forward/3 Back-6; Side Plank Oblique Touch-R17 L17

Strength-Day 33: 
Squat Press-33; Close Grip Push Ups-9; Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat-R11 L12; Bicep Curl Twist-31; Static Lunge Press-R16 L16; Plank Rows-10

Cardio-Day 34:
Fake Jump Rope-100; Burpee/Leg Lift-13; Butt Kickers-130; Mountain Climbers-60; X-Squats-20; Irish Jig-80; Squat Jumps-20; Power Jump Forward/3 Back-5; Side Plank Oblique Touch-R15 L15

Rest-Day 35:  We are definitely resting today.  Both Emma and I woke up a little congestion.  Lots of Vitamin C and hoping we don't get sick!

This was a pretty good week for me.  I'm not feeling too great ( I think I'm getting a cold), but hopefully I can push through it for next week.

What has been your biggest challenge this week?  What is one goal for next week?
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BBM Challenge | Fit Test/Weigh-in Day

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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Another fit test and weigh-in in the books!  Considering the week I had last week, I am proud of how well I am doing.

Here you'll see my stats from two weeks ago and then how I did today.

Previous Stats:
Weight: 152.2
Waist: 36"
Hips:  37"
Chest: 39"
Bicep: 11"
Thigh: 22"
Calf:   14.5"

Squat Press- 35
Push Ups- 24
Jump Squats- 23
Tricep Dips- 30
Lunge Kick (right)- 17
Lunge Kick (left)- 17
Mountain Climbers- 52 (each leg)
Elbow Plank hold- 20 seconds

Here are my current stats:
Weight: 150.2
Waist: 35.5"
Hips:   37"
Chest: 38"
Bicep: 10.5"
Thigh: 20"
Calf:    14"

Day 30: Fit Test
Squat Press-31
Push Ups-21
Jump Squats-27
Tricep Dips-25
Lunge Kick (right)-16
Lunge Kick (left)-15
Mountain Climbers-50 (each leg)
Elbow Plank Hold-30 seconds

I didn't do has many reps as two weeks ago, but my form has improved tremendously and I was able to hold my plank for longer.  I'm not complaining!  I'm also down in inches and overall weight loss of almost 5 pounds.

My goals for the next weeks are to continue this workout, get an extra workout in (walking with Em) and now that my diet is much better, try to incorporate smaller portions throughout the day....oh and NO cupcakes.  Ha!

How did your fit test and weigh-in go?

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BBM Challenge | Week 4

Monday, February 2, 2015

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Can you believe we are already 4 weeks in?!  I feel better than I have in a while and I have so much energy...and thank goodness because I need all I can get to keep up with Emma.  I started the week off really strong and then failed miserably towards the end of the week.  The days just caught up with me and I didn't work out for three days!  I definitely could tell a difference in my mood and my body instantly.  I tried not to get down on myself because I know life happens, but it was hard. 

Here is how my week went...

Strength-Day 23: Stats: Squat Swing-L18 R18; Irish Jig-28/26; Push Ups-14; Burpees-6; Chair Stepups-L14 R14; Butt Kickers-36/36; Tricep Dips-30; Squat Jumps-8; Elbow Plank Hold-35sec; Mountain Climbers-34; Plank Up Downs-7; Squat Thrust-8

Cardio-Day 24:  I am so sore today!  Strength training wasn't bad.  I know that I need to stretch a few more minutes though because my muscles are really tight.  Pretty good over all.
Stats: Squat Press-20; Bent over Rows-35; Reverse Lunge-16L 14R; Irish Jig-45; L-Raises-16; Mountain Climbers-40; Elbow Plank-30sec

Strength-Day 25:   Fail.

Cardio-Day 26:  Fail.

Strength-Day 27:  Fail.

Rest-Day 28:  Considering it's Super Bowl Sunday, I really could have used those workouts.  Cupcakes....I think you can figure out the rest.

My biggest challenge this week was keeping up with the workouts.  I really have no excuse.  I wish I did, but I really don't have any good ones.  These workouts are quick and I can manage to take 20 minutes out of my day to get fit. 

My goal for the next week is to get each workout in earlier in the day.  I tend to wait until Emma goes to bed.  I want to shoot for early AM workouts. 

I hope y'all had a better week than I did!  Just know you are not alone if you didn't.  What has been your biggest challenge this week?  What is one goal for next week?
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