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Saturday, February 20, 2021

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Have you ever thought about what you would do with an entire day of imagination?! Where would you travel? Who would you become? What would you create or design? Just like Sun-maid raisins, the possibilities are endless when you use your imagination!


You may not know this, but Sun-Maid has re-imagined and re-invented the raisin over the last few years.  From yogurt covered to chocolate covered to sour raisins that taste just like candy! Yum!  Imagination is truly at the core of Sun-Maid and how Sun-Maid operates.


That is why Sun-maid has launched a new campaign devoted to imagination called The Board of Imagination!  They are looking for 5 kids to join this amazing board and get creative with the Sun-Maid team.  


Winners will have the opportunity to work with Sun-Maid executives to impact future snacks and brand initiatives, and win a handful of awesome prizes, including: a $5,000 scholarship, and a $5,000 donation + a year's worth of Sun-Maid snacks for their school.


You can go to for more details on on to enter, which parents, I highly encourage you to do with your child!  I would even have them encourage their classmates to join in on the imagination (and fun).

I asked my girl's why they thought using their imagination was important.  My oldest had the best answer; because it makes your brain work, it's a lot of fun and you can be and doing anything you want!  I hope that they can continue to have that mindset and dream BIG!


I even asked my girls' what they would do with a day devoted entirely to their imagination and I loved watching their little minds go right to work.  Their response was exactly what I expected from two outgoing, fun-loving girls, who honestly use their imagination daily.  They said that they would  travel around the world, starting with India!  Have you ever read The Princess in Black?   She is a crime fighting princess, which is what Charlotte wanted to be while traveling the world and my oldest was a cat villain, turning everything into cats! It was so fun watching them travel from place to place trying to catch each other!

So, is your child's creativity ready for a seat on our Board of Imagination?  Don't forget to check out Sun-Maid's website for more details and to apply.


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