D.C. Travel | Carry-On Checklist + My Favorite Weekend Bag

Monday, July 17, 2017

When I travel, I used to be the person that would pack everything.  I mean, multiple pairs of shoes, 3 different outfits for each day that I would be gone and more.  It was ridiculous and a pain to carry it all.

For this trip, I knew I wanted to pack light.  I didn't want to waste any time (or money) checking a bag.  My husband didn't think it was possible, but I had a great weekender bag that fit everything I needed and was the perfect size for carry-on.

I'll be honest, I didn't think I would be able to fit everything either, but this leather bag really is amazing.  It's much roomier than it looks and it's stylish, which is definitely important.  My husband has already claimed it for his work trips.

I've included a printable check-list (of what I took on our trip) for the minimalist and for those who only want to take a carry-on with them for a long weekend trip. 

Is there anything I missed or something that is a must-have when you travel?

 The Littlest Funk was gifted the weekender bag in exchange for my review.  As always, all opinions are honest and 100% my  own.
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30th Birthday Makeover + the Perfect Party Dress

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I am officially 30 y'all!  I can honestly say that this milestone is something that I have been looking forward to for a while.  My 20s were great, but now I get to spend my 30s watching my girls grow and now that they aren't so little anymore, going on adventures as a family and spending more quality time with my husband.

Since I knew turning 30 was going to be a big one, I wanted to go into it with new hair and of course, you can't celebrate without an amazing birthday outfit!

I seriously scored in both of those areas last weekend.

I told my friend, Callie, who specializes in hair color, that I wanted something different and just to do "whatever" she wanted to my hair.  I absolutely love the way it turned out.  The golden tones and the overall lighter brown is perfect.  It was just enough change to be noticeable, but not so drastic that I would go into shock ;)  I can't wait to go see her again for the possibility of something even brighter!  I also cut around 10 inches off, which felt so liberating.  I loved my long hair, so I was hesitant to cut so much, but I'm so glad I did.  I actually think I could go even shorter now!

Now, let's talk about this PinkBlush dress, which I wore three times last week.  It was just that comfortable and perfect for every birthday dinner I went to.  The material is light-weight, the color made me look tan and I love that it flows.  I think my favorite part about this dress is the scalloped edges on both the arms and the skirt.  It is simple, yet I still felt beautiful.

Since I love PinkBlush clothing so much, I've teamed up with them to give away $75 to shop!  You can enter by heading over to my Instagram page.  For an extra 5 entries, leave a comment below!  Good Luck!

Shop the look:
Pink Blush Scalloped Hem Dress
Steve Madden Heels
Kendra Scott Necklace
Kendra Scott Earrings

This post is sponsored by PinkBlush Maternity Clothing and also contains affiliate links.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.
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Turning 30 with a Whiter + Brighter Smile | Custom Teeth Whitening System

Sunday, July 2, 2017

This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant.  All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

As I approach 30, I made a few resolutions that I wanted to stick to for the year.  I've started eating healthier, going on walks with my girls and taking better care of myself in general.

One thing that has been bothering me and something I wanted to change as I turn 30, are my teeth.  I drink a lot of coffee and love an occasional glass of wine just as much as the next mom out there.  However, my love for those things has caused my teeth to turn a little yellow, which is embarrassing.  I've always loved bold lipstick colors and it's hard to wear them as much as I would love because I'm afraid people would just be staring at my teeth.

After trying Smile Brilliant's Teeth Whitening Kit at home, I want people to stare!

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I was a little nervous (and excited) to try Smile Brilliant because I do have some tooth sensitivity.  Luckily, the kit comes with everything you need, including desensitizing gel and thorough instructions.  I was surprised to find that it didn't bother my teeth too much the first time and only got better with each whitening session.   

I love how easy Smile Brilliant is to use.  It was fun getting to mold the clay to make my teeth impressions.  It was even more fun when they arrived back in the mail and I was able to start whitening my teeth.

I chose to whiten my teeth in the evenings after putting my girls to bed.  It is actually recommended before bed so you're not tempted to eat or drink anything for a while.  I literally laid in bed, watched Netflix and let Smile Brilliant do all the work. 

I saw an immediate difference after just one session and so did my husband who was very impressed with how it was working. I chose to skip days in between my sessions, so I wouldn't increase any sensitivity that I did have and I was pleased that I didn't notice any at all.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth at home, I would definitely recommend Smile Brilliant.  As a busy mom of two toddlers, this fit perfectly into my lifestyle.

Here are my results!

 I am very excited to give one lucky reader a chance to win a Smile Brilliant Kit of their own!  Click HERE to enter.  Giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Can't wait to start whitening your teeth at home?  Use code 'thelittlestfunk' at checkout to get 10% off your order! 

Home Teeth Whitening
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