A Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Monday, May 29, 2017

My neighbor owns a small shop and makes the most adorable headbands.  When she started making unicorn headbands, I knew Emma had to have one and I instantly knew what kind of birthday party we would be throwing her this year.  She turned 3 on the 3rd, which is technically her "golden birthday", but a magical birthday is, in my opinion, even better!

I had the best time planning this party for Em.  I loved that she was able to help pick out things that she wanted for her party too.  This is going to be such a fun age!  A unicorn party is something you could easily do yourself.  As long as there is a lot of glitter and a lot of color, you can't go wrong.

Dessert Table 

I think I was more excited about cutting into Emma's cake than anything else.  I actually made her cake myself this year and filled it with sprinkles!!   You can click here to see how I made her cake. Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the entire table.  We had it set up on a cream colored vintage dresser and it was adorable.  I kept the dessert table simple and sparkly.  I loved the way it turned out.

Food Table

I tried to stick with our unicorn theme for food too.  We had rainbow salsa,  fruit kabobs, rainbow pasta salad and veggies.  I had planned on making the veggie dip rainbow colored, but ran out of time.  The unicorn horns (hot dogs on a stick) were a huge hit!  The kids and the adults loved them.  There are so many things that you can do with this, that you can't go wrong.  Pinterest is amazing.

Drink Table

I found this recipe for "unicorn punch" that had orange sherbet, blue punch and cotton candy ice cream.  It was supposed to be colorful and fun, but just ended up looking like a mess.  The kids were even afraid to try it!  One was finally brave enough and said it was really good.  I don't think anyone believed him.  Haha!  Here is the recipe, if YOU are feeling brave.  I found the heart cups during Valentine's Day and the pink cups from the Target dollar section.  Actually most of this set up is from the Target dollar section!

Fun and Games
We had a unicorn pinata at the party  and this is what was left of it.  Charlotte was obsessed with it.  She seriously carried the head around for the rest of the party.  We also had cascarones (confetti eggs), which was a lot of fun because no one had ever heard of them.  We are still picking up confetti!  I set up a Unicorn Horn decorating station with ice cream cones, icing and sprinkles. It was really messy, but kids had a blast.  We also set up our bounce house and let the kids just run around and play.  I did have this adorable rainbow backdrop set up for a photo booth, but the wind had different plans and I couldn't get it to stay up.   

More Party Photos

Here is where you can get all the supplies we used for a Magical Unicorn Party of your own!

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Top Golf Brunch + The Comfiest Floral Top

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Did you know that you could grab brunch at Top Golf?  I had no idea that they opened at 9 am every day.  When I was planning a girls weekend in Dallas, I knew golf and brunch would be the perfect way to kick off our weekend.  

My flight to Dallas didn't go as planned and I ended up having an almost 4 hour delay.  A Bloody Mary was a great way to cure my jet lag.  I like mine spicy and Top Golf did not disappoint.  It had just the right amount of heat.

For brunch, I went with the Texas Brisket Hash Skillet (because #wheninTexas) and Christie chose the Eggs Benedict.  Both were amazing!

We laughed, ate, drank and pretended we knew what we were doing.  It was good for the soul!  Oh, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Smore's weren't a bad way to finish!

Now, it's no secret that I love PinkBlush Maternity clothing, but this top in particular has my heart.  It is made of the softest material, is lightweight and so comfortable.  The floral print is gorgeous and goes with so much! I was able to "play" golf in it, go shopping, get pedicures and stay comfortable the entire time.  It's perfect for those cooler Spring days.  Even though it's been over a year since I've had my last baby, one of the many reason I love PinkBlush is that it works great from transitioning from pregnancy to postpartum and vice versa.  I truly feel my best (as far as clothing goes) when I'm wearing PinkBlush! 

This post is sponsored by PinkBlush.  As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.
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Little Ones, Some Days I Want to Scream and Cry too

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Do you ever have one of those days that you wish was over before it even began?  Or wish you could just start over?  Today was one of those days for me.  It was truly a morning from hell.

I'll be honest, I'm sure my lack of time management had a little something to do with this morning's chaos, but my toddlers sure didn't help.  I don't blame them.  I mean, they're 3 and 1 and they haven't learned how to control their emotions, but my goodness being a mom is hard and well, sometimes toddlers are hard to deal with.

By the way, as I write this, I am currently eating out of a jar of Nutella that I poured half a bag of mini marshmallows into while I listen to one child continuously press the play button on her PJ Masks doll and the other child yelling that "kitty" isn't tired when they are both supposed to be taking naps....mainly for my sanity.

So, this morning went a little something like this...

I woke up early to shower and get to the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed to take to an End of the Year brunch with a mom's group I'm in.  As soon as I woke up, my husband who was getting up at the same time informs "reminds" me that he has a meeting at 8 and I had better hurry.  You know the kind of reminding that isn't really reminding because you are just hearing it for the first time.  He had to leave the house before 7 to make the call on time and well, the grocery store doesn't open until 7.

It really wasn't a big deal. I had plenty of time to get myself and my girls ready, pick up what we needed from the store and make brunch on time.  That's if you don't count the unexpected tantrum that was about to happen.  

It happened over a granola bar that I took away because she was chewing it up and spitting it out.  My littlest one screamed and cried for thirty minutes and at that moment I wanted to scream and cry too.  I wanted to curse (which I rarely do).  I wanted to throw my hands in the air and just not deal with it.

We finally made it to the grocery store and then my oldest starts crying because she only got to give one tub of yogurt to the cashier.  Seriously, child?  I have never been in and out of a grocery store with toddlers so quickly in my life.

It was a miracle we made it to MOPs on time, but we did.  My oldest didn't want to stay in child care and screamed and cried as I left.  I knew she would be fine and I knew at any moment I would start crying if I didn't get adult interaction.

Brunch was great.  It was so nice to talk to these other woman who understand and go through the same things we all do as moms.  The day was looking up and all was much better...until we got home.

I guess if my girls are going to scream and cry, they might as well do it together, over this afternoon's yogurt snack that they smeared all over the table.

All day today I've tried to take deep breaths, say little prayers and not get frustrated with my girls, but if I'm being honest with you, I just want to cry and maybe scream into a pillow.
My point is that it's ok to not have it all together.  It's ok to cry and really, it's ok to scream if you need to (obviously not at your children).  Scream out your favorite song. Whatever works for you because even moms are allowed bad days.  Raising little ones is hard and you don't have to pretend to have it all together all the time.  Heck, you don't have to pretend to ever have it together.  Sometimes you just need a little space and maybe a cocktail.  Or in my current situation, nap time and a jar of Nutella.

If your day has been anything like mine, just remember that tomorrow is a new day!  You've got this! 

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It's Date Night! with Kona Grill

Friday, May 12, 2017

 This post is sponsored by Kona Grill but the content and opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

As a stay at home mom of a three year old and a one year old, I very much look forward to date nights with my husband.  When we had the opportunity to go check out Kona Grill in Tampa, I couldn't wait!  I seriously looked at the menu five different times before we went to the restaurant so I would have an idea of what I wanted and didn't waste any of the precious time we had with a babysitter.  Even in doing so, everything sounded amazing and it was hard to choose!

While I waited for my husband to arrive from work, I grabbed myself a yummy Mango Mojito and checked out the upscale ambiance.  I'm glad I arrived when we did because this places gets busy (so you know it's good)!

Kona Grill not only has a kitchen for their mouthwatering made from scratch menu items, but a sushi bar and patio bar as well.  Not to mention over 40 unique sauces!  We chose to sit out on the patio and so glad we did.  The Florida weather was perfect!  We started with the Lobster and Shrimp roll (with a habanero cream cheese and cucumber salsa) and calamari.  The spicy aioli for the calamari was really good! 

Deciding what to have for an entree was more difficult than I thought (even after reviewing the menu beforehand)!  I was torn between the Sweet-Chili Glazed Salmon and the Chili Lime Shrimp salad, but went with the salmon.  It was one of the best salmon dishes I have ever had.  After I took my first bite, I immediately looked at my husband and said, "Whoa! You have to try this!"  I highly recommend it.  My husband went with the Kona Churrasco and although I didn't try his, because I was too busy devouring my meal, he did say that it was really good!

The perfect end to our evening was dessert!  There was no question when we looked at the dessert menu that we would choose the Fudge Brownie covered in chocolate, caramel and vanilla creme sauce and topped with ice cream.  It did not disappoint and I'm pretty sure it was gone in the matter of seconds, which is saying a lot because it could have easily fed 4-6 people!

My husband and I had such a great time at Kona Grill.  It is a great date night spot that I'm certain we will be back to visit! Be sure to sign up here for Konavore and get a free appetizer on your next visit!

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