NO Cook November + what we've been up to

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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These last few months have seriously flown by faster than I thought they would.  I haven't blogged (with the exception of yesterday's post) in almost a month.  The reason for that has been on purpose.  I think it's important, at least for me, to take a break from posting every now and then.  If I'm being honest, since my miscarriage in late July, I had been trying to keep us all busy.  It finally caught up with me and I needed some time to focus on other things and really find balance again with my day to day.

Part of that being spending a couple of days making some of my favorite freezer meals.  I have officially gone 14 days without cooking, with the exception of the occasional macaroni and cheese for my girls and throwing corn dogs in the oven for my daughter's 2nd birthday party last weekend.  I am calling it No Cook November and it has been amazing!  I plan on making a list of what's on our menu this month in another post soon :)

Here's what else we've been up to since my last post in October

My husband left out of state for work for a week, so it was fun and mostly exhausted having Mommy and Daughter(s) time.  We spent half a day at the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa with some friends and then I came home and made a delicious vegan meal for all of us.  I'm not a vegan, but this recipe is really good.  My youngest was shoveling it in her mouth!

We had a super fun Halloween Art in the Park with my local mommy group and went to Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens is easily becoming my girls favorite thing to do and I love that they are big enough to ride the rides.



I got to enjoy a night out with a friend when my husband got back home.  We went to the Junior League of St. Pete's Fashion Show and had a blast!

I've been able to catch up around the house the last few weeks and really enjoy hanging out with my girls!  We even celebrated my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday last weekend a little early (I can't wait to share those details with you)!
Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck-Halloween 2017

Marvel Universe Live Blog Event with She Just Glows
Charlotte's Carnival Birthday Party
Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog and follow my little family even after we go a little MIA!
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5 Benefits of Elderberry Syrup + GIVEAWAY

Monday, November 13, 2017

We all know it's cold and flu season, which means as a mom I am trying to do all that I can to prevent my two toddlers from getting sick.  We personally, as a family, do not get flu shots.  It's not because of religious reasons or any holistic reason.  I just think my girls are too little for them and it's not something I want to get, so I don't give it to my girls.  It's just a personal preference.  I really try to find other ways to prevent them getting sick and so far, we have been pretty successful.  

One way we are keeping our immune system up is with Williams Organic Elderberry Syrup.  My girls absolutely love this syrup and call it their "Princess Juice", which makes it much easier for them to take.  If you have boys, you could call it "Superhero Juice".  Isn't that such a fun way to make them take their "medicine"?!

Em telling Char how this turns her into a princess :)
I had never heard of Elderberry syrup before a friend in my mom's group introduced it to me.  I love that it is made with all natural and organic ingredients, so I couldn't wait to try it.

So, what is in Williams Organic Elderberry Syrup? It's filtered water, elderberries, raw vitamin C, raw local Florida honey, ginger root (not powdered), cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, peppercorns, echinacea, crushed garlic cloves, oregano, turmeric, and whole rose hips.  What's NOT in your syrup? Preservatives of any kind, additives, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, dyes or any other filler. 

Here are five benefits of Elderberry syrup and why you should give it a try too!

1. It's safe to give to children one and over.  It is made with Raw honey, which is not recommended for children under one.  However, Natasha, the owner of Williams Organic Elderberry Syrup, takes special requests and can make batches without honey.  I love small shops that care about their customers!

2. It is an anti-inflammatory and helps ease allergies.  My girls definitely take after their dad in the allergy department and although they have rarely gotten a cold, they  do get the congestion.  I have found that the Elderberry syrup has helped a lot with this!

3.  It if full of antioxidants and encourages healthy skin.  I could use all the help I can get in this department, especially with my girls who keep me running around and exhausted most days.  

4.  It is a natural diuretic.  Elderberry syrup has been shown to help regulate urination and bowel movements.  I don't know about your kids, but mine have their good days and bad days when it comes to getting enough liquids and the right nutrition.  This helps keep them on track, so I don't have to worry about constipation. 

5.  It lowers blood sugar.  The elder-flower extracts help stimulate glucose metabolism and the secretion of insulin, which lowers blood sugar.  This is great if you have high blood sugar and want to try a natural way to lower it.

I also love that you can add this syrup to smoothies, tea and even Greek yogurt!  Have you tried Elderberry syrup before?  If you have, I'd love to know what you thought in the comments!

Be sure to follow Williams Organic Elderberry Syrup's Facebook page and head to The Littlest Funk's Facebook page for the giveaway!

 **As with all supplements, vitamins, and medications it is best to check with your pediatrician or primary care provider for dosing instructions. Remember some supplements have interactions with prescription medications. **Elderberry and vitamin C can cause loose stools (diarrhea). If this happens back off the elderberry syrup and make sure to stay hydrated. 

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