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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Emma Grace's Birth Story

I can't believe that Emma is now a three year old.  I had good intentions to get this post up a lot sooner, but better late than never I suppose. I can't believe it took me three years to write this!  I remember it all like it was yesterday and I loved re-living our birth story through pictures.

After being a week past due and trying everything possible to go into labor (acupuncture, pressure points, pregnancy tea, exercises, eating pineapple while crawling on the floor (yup, I did that)...seriously, you name it, I probably tried it), my water FINALLY broke on a Saturday morning around 6AM.

It's funny, because I woke up and thought that I had peed the bed.  It didn't register with me that my water had broke until after I got up to use the restroom, went back to bed and awoke a few minutes later to more water.  That's when I realized what was going on.  I had such a sense of calmness, but I think it was because I wasn't having any contractions.  I was actually scheduled to be induced that Tuesday, but God had other plans for us.

I woke Michael up to let him know what was going on and that I was going to take a shower.  He immediately jumped out of bed and started panicking and asking what he needed to do.  The look on his face was sheer terror and maybe a little confusion since I woke him from a deep sleep.  I let him know I was fine and to relax, we would head to the hospital after my shower.  

I called the hospital on our way there and once we arrived, we filled out paperwork and waited for what seemed like the longest wait of my life to be called back.  Once in triage, they hooked me up and a nurse checked to see if my water had actually broke and it had.  The unfortunate part was that I was only dilated to a 1cm, which meant my hopes of having a non-medicated natural birth were gone.  I was so disappointed, but knew if I wasn't put on Pitocin right away to get this baby moving, that it could cause problems for both of us.  I was just glad that I wasn't being sent home and that we would soon meet our sweet baby girl!

We were sent to our delivery room and had such a great experience with Bayfront Baby Place.  I waited to see who would be delivering our baby and was so relieved when it was one of my favorite OB's.  It wasn't the mid-wife I had planned to delivery our baby, but that was fine because I knew we were in good hands.  I will say this, do not worry about a birth plan.  I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted my delivery to go, but like I said before, I was immediately put on Pitocin and that was definitely not on my birth plan.

I did refuse an epidural and while we waited for my friend to arrive, who would be taking photos for us, I tried to relax and Michael and I just hung out.  As the contractions began to get stronger, I tried different things to get through each one of them.  Michael (and the nurse) asked me about 40 different times if I wanted the epidural and I kept on trying to get through each one.  It was painful and the contractions were coming back to back, with little time to catch my breath.   

After about 8-9 hours, my contractions were getting worse, so the doctor came in to check me out.  In that time frame I had only dilated to a 2!  One whole centimeter.  I couldn't believe it and was in so much pain.  Because I wasn't progressing, they had to increase the amount of meds that they were giving me.  I immediately felt a lot more pain as the contractions increased and was having a hard time.  After a lot of tears and going back and forth, we decided the best thing for me and the baby was to get the epidural.  I knew I needed to relax and that was part of the reason I wasn't dilating as quickly as I should have been, especially since my water had broken so early on.

I was so disappointed, but again knew that God's plan was much bigger than mine and I was finally able to relax.  Shortly after the epidural, our nurse came in to check on me and was able to stretch me to 4cm.  Thank goodness, I didn't feel that!

It only took 3 short hours after the epidural for me to dilate completely.  It was funny when I was getting ready to push because we weren't expecting it at all.  Our OB came in to check on me and before I knew it, he was throwing on gloves and turning on lights!  He asked me to push and I though we were just practicing.  I mean, I had never given birth before, what did I know.  Ha!  Michael looked at me confused and I looked at him confused and when Dr. G. asked him to grab a leg, he said, "Oh, we're really doing this?  This is really happening?"

I think it took us by surprise because it had taken so long to dilate to a 2, that we didn't expect to be pushing so soon.  My epidural was so strong, that I couldn't feel a thing and had some trouble pushing.  They ended up having to use a suction on her; that and she was side ways.  It was intense, but one of the best things I have ever done.  After 14 hours of labor, Emma Grace arrived at 8:41 PM, weighing 7lbs 4oz and 20 1/4 inches long!

I didn't get the chance to hold her right away, which was awful, but they had to take her straight to the table and make sure all was fine with her head.  The suction left some bruising and a little mark, but she was ok!  Right after labor, I looked over to make sure my friend was able to take some photos and the poor thing had her head between her legs!  I ended up having an episiotomy and well, it made her a little light-headed.  We joke with her about this because she is a mother of three boys!

It was all very surreal and I can remember just laying there, patiently waiting to hold my baby.  My entire life changed the moment they handed Emma to me.  I became a mother.  I became the best part about me.  My world will forever be better with that little girl in it and I couldn't be more thankful and more blessed that God chose me to be her mommy.

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  1. Awww, I love birth stories! Each one is so unique. Thanks for sharing yours! Congrats on your sweet baby, even though she is already 3!

    1. Thank you, Tara! It was fun to reminisce about ;)

  2. Enjoyed reading your story. I always enjoy hearing other people's birth stories. Thank you for sharing

  3. What a sweet story! I always love to read birth stories!

  4. I really love reading birth stories! I don't have a kiddo yet but it's so amazing to hear everyone's different experience. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awe thank you for sharing!! This is truly beautiful!!

  6. Ahhh! I love birth stories!! My first child was the same way (I blogged about it). I was 41 + 2 days and took forever to dilate after 24 hours of labor I finally decided to get an epidurral and then went to a 10 in an HOUR. It's crazy! But there is hope! With our second baby ( a year ago - also blogged about it), I was in labor all day at home, but finally went into the hospital around midnight and was at 3cm. But I dilated VERY quickly this time around and gave birth with no epidural!!!

  7. Birth stories are my very favorite thing. Yours is beautiful. ❤

  8. Love reading birth stories. They always make me cry, I don't know why I'm since I'm not pregnant anymore. So how to blame pregnancy hormones... lol. But also I found out it so similar with me when my water broke. I thought I peed on the bed. When I tried to rush to the restroom it wouldn't stop. Water kept running and that's when I knew something was happening and a baby was coming

    Really love reading and going back to these moments

    Glad you have this to go back on and read

  9. AWW!!! such a sweet outcome. I love your faith in God was able to get you through the long hours of labour <3

  10. Such a sweet story! I love your husband's reaction "we're really doing this?" 😂