15 + 16 Weeks | Twins Bumpdate

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Twins Bumpdate: 15 + 16 weeks

How far along?
15/16 weeks! 

Babies are the size of?
Avocados (about 4-5in each; 3-5oz)
Total weight gain/loss?
Surprisingly only about a pound.
Are you showing?
Clearly.  Haha!  I keep having to remind myself that I'm growing two babies.
Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and french fries with mustard.  Aside from that, just food in general.  Sadly, I still can't drink hot coffee.  It leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.
I can't seem to get comfortable, but it could be worse.  Right now I'm up every few hours to pee!
I'm still pretty exhausted, but not falling asleep every time I sit down.  I'm a little nauseous in the evenings, but thankfully not throwing up.  Pregnancy pops seems to help.
The ultrasound tech told me what she thinks they are, but it was just for fun ;) Hopefully announcing soon.
I think I feel flutters, but nothing crazy. 

Mood this week?
Thankful. I'm so happy we were able to share our news and that everything seems to be going well.  I have another ultrasound next week that I'm so excited for and so grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people this week.
Best moment this week?
So many this week!  We celebrated Easter, went out boating, enjoyed soccer games and play dates! I even got a morning out and had brunch with a friend.


  1. I craved grilled cheese all of the time too. And totinos pizzas lol I ate them like every day! It's so funny the things babies make you wanna eat!

  2. You look beautiful! So excited for you mama <3

  3. This is seriously such an exciting time for you!! You look beautiful, yay grilled cheese.

  4. Awe, love these pictures! That stinks about the coffee, especially when the fatigue sets in!