13 + 14 Weeks | Twins Bumpdate

Friday, May 18, 2018

 Twins Bumpdate: 13 + 14 weeks

How far along?
14 weeks!  Finally through the first trimester and feeling very excited about that.

Babies are the size of?
Lemons (about 3in each)

Total weight gain/loss?
Surprisingly only about a pound.
Are you showing?
Clearly.  Haha!  I keep having to remind myself that I'm growing two babies.

Cold cereal and sour pickles (not together).  Sadly, I can't drink hot coffee.  It leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.

I can't seem to get comfortable, but it could be worse.  Right now I'm up every few hours to pee!

Super exhausted....it's unreal.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  I'm a little nauseous in the evenings, but thankfully not throwing up.  Pregnancy pops seems to help.

The ultrasound tech told me what she thinks they are, but it was just for fun ;)

I think I feel flutters, but nothing crazy. 

Mood this week?
I'm feeling a lot better this week.  My anxiety has eased up some now that we have made it through the first trimester, but I still have moments of fear.  I plan on writing and sharing about these feelings soon.  Pregnancy after a miscarriage has not been as easy or as joyful as I thought it would be.  Actually, I'm not sure I even knew what it would be like.  I am getting excited now we have shared our big news. 

Best moment this week?
Even though I have no energy, I've tried to keep myself and my girls busy.  We went to Busch Gardens and I took Emma on a mommy and me date to Disney on Ice.


  1. Girl you look great for carrying twins! Super cute!

  2. I love these sorts of update posts! I wish I'd done something like this when I was pregnant with my girls. I hear you on the anxiety after a loss. With my youngest I found it hard to be excited at first because I was so worried that the same thing would happen again. There was an overwhelming sense of relief when I made it past the week I'd lost my previous baby, but at the same time I also felt so guilty for feeling happy. Anxiety and pregnancy hormones - what a combination, hey? Glad to hear that everything is going well - apart from the aversion to coffee!