How we found out our BIG news! | Part 1

Friday, April 27, 2018

My last three posts have been all about food #pregnantlife, so I thought I would share about my pregnancy (how I found out and told my husband) since I haven't done much sharing since our announcement.  To be completely honest, the first trimester was rough, which was something I didn't experience with my other two.  It left little time to blog and we had some scares along the way.

When we found out we were expecting last Summer, we were definitely surprised but excited.  We ended up having a miscarriage and decided we were happy with our two girls and didn't necessarily want to have any more kids.  I told my husband that if he was sure then to go ahead a schedule a vasectomy and that would be that. (Clearly that didn't happen)

Having a miscarriage was hard on me.  I had good days and bad days and am so thankful I was able to surround myself with some pretty amazing friends and of course, my husband.  I ended up having a D&C so my periods weren't quite back to normal, but not even 6 months later I knew I was pregnant again.

I actually had Publix deliver a pregnancy test because I was anxious to take one but didn't want to go to the store to grab one with two toddlers.  Ha! I took the test and it didn't take long for two pink lines to show up.  I normally call my husband once a day just to say hi or check in, but avoided talking to him because I knew I would spill the beans and didn't want to tell him over the phone.  It's funny because he ended up calling me that afternoon to make sure everything was ok.  

I managed to keep quiet and decided to leave the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter for him to find when he got home.  Another funny husband normally goes straight to our room/bathroom to get undressed and unwind for a minute before being bombarded by our two toddlers.  That day he decided to come straight to the living room and "chat" with us.  He said he was in the mood for Chinese and I took that opportunity and ran with it.  I told him to check the bathroom and that in about two minutes he probably wouldn't be hungry anymore.

He thought the girls had smeared poop all over our bathroom.  Totally not kidding!  When he got to the bathroom, all I heard was, "No, no, no".  I was cracking up in the other room!  It took us both by surprised, but we were happy.  Despite the yelling of "no" from my husband.

If you have been following us on social media, then you already know we are expecting twins.  I will share that big shocker and how we found out soon!

How did you tell your significant other you were expecting?!  Leave it in the comments!


  1. Haha, it's funny that of all days he chose not to do his regular routine! It definitely builds the anticipation! Congratulations, by the way!!


  2. This is Great! Congratulations.

  3. I love hearing these stories!! I bet his face was priceless!!

  4. I love how you told him!! With all my boys, I called him immediately! With our baby girl I waited 2 days (longest 2 days ever) and waited for him to get home and I had a “present” for him. And it was 5 pregnancy tests in a box lol.