Emma Grace | 15 Month Update

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I can't believe Emma is a TODDLER!  She is already showing me what being a toddler is all about and testing me daily.  Ha!  She is so much fun and so silly.  She definitely has a lot of personality that I'm sure she gets from her daddy.  

Age :: 15 months
Length :: 29inches
Weight :: 21 lbs
Growth :: I feel like Emma is growing like crazy every day.  It has been so great to see her learn new things.  She climbs everything and falls...a lot!  She has no fear and has even jumped into the pool, head first, and scared the life out of me.  After getting her out, she tried to do it again.  She's a little dare devil.  Her top and bottom molars have come in and I'm loving her little gap in her two front teeth.  She loves to show it off by saying "cheese".
Food  :: This girl can eat!  She loves to snack all day long.  She has come to love milk since we stopped breastfeeding (it took a couple of months).  She licks her lips and rubs her belly when I get the milk out of the fridge.  It's the cutest thing.  Her favorite is avocado(she could eat it every day), mac-n-cheese, corn, peas and this girl can devour any type of fruit.  She loves yogurt and anything bread related.  I mean, who doesn't love carbs?!  She is doing great with a fork and is getting better at getting most of her food in her mouth.  Oh-and her newest thing is eating bananas whole after I peel them.  She doesn't like them to be cut up and wants to do it herself.  She's a mess, but I love how independent she is.
Sleep :: I wish I could say that we have a great sleeper, but it's really hit or miss with her.  We have been traveling a lot and with time changes, she just can't seem to get adjusted.  Right now she is going to bed a little later than usual and wakes a few times at night.  She is good about putting herself back to sleep though.  She does still nap during the day, which I'm thankful for!  She decided about 3 weeks ago though that she only wanted one nap a day instead of the two she was taking.  Sad day for this momma! 
Favorites :: Talking.  I'm pretty sure she is only quiet when she's sleeping and even then I hear an occasional sound.  She loves pretending to talk on the phone and skyping with her grandparents.  She takes the phones and chats away.  Dancing with daddy is really entertaining and I'm pretty sure he has taught her how to rave.  Haha.  Bath time is still a big hit and she is outside playing any chance I let her. 
Doesn't like :: To not get her way.  Emma can throw a fit!  I'm hoping she is getting the terrible two's out of the way before the new baby gets here, but I'm sure I'm just dreaming.  She is very determined and does not like for things to be taken away from her. 
It's so hard to keep up this girl, that I'm positive I'm leaving out a lot!  She is always on the go and keeps us busy.  We wouldn't trade any of it!