21 + 22 Weeks | Twins Bumpdate

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Twins Bumpdate: 21 + 22 weeks

How far along?
21/22 weeks!  

Babies are the size of?
Sweet Potatoes (about 8in each; 1lb)

Total weight gain/loss?

Are you showing?
Yes! I feel like my stomach can't stretch any more!

Sweets, seafood, carrots and pretty much just food in general.

Not great this week.  I can't seem to get comfortable no matter what I do.

I've started to swell and I think most of it is from the humidity.  Pain back has been crazy this week too.  I've started to notice some new stretch marks.
TWINS GIRLS!  We finally had our gender reveal a few weeks ago.  You can watch the video here and read my blog post here.

More and more with each week!  Michael finally got to feel them kick too!

Mood this week?
Rested (sort of) and refreshed.

Best moment this week?
I got to spend 24hrs in Lido Key with some girlfriends and had such a great time.  We had our last MOPs meeting of the year, which was very bittersweet.  I also attended a preview event for a new fresh fish house here in St. Pete.

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