19 + 20 Weeks | Twins Bumpdate

Monday, June 4, 2018

Twins Bumpdate: 19 + 20 weeks

How far along?
19/20 weeks!  

Babies are the size of?
Mangoes (about 6.5in each; 11oz)

Total weight gain/loss?

Are you showing?
Yes! Much sooner than I ever did with my other two, but I love it.

Mexican food, french fries...nothing too crazy.

It's hit or miss. Some nights are good, some not so great.

I'm still having some shortness of breath and now back pain has really set in.  I think it's sciatica, which makes it hard to walk some days.
TWINS GIRLS!  We finally had our gender reveal and it was so much fun!  I knew all along, but my husband didn't.  You can watch the video here and read my blog post here.

So much movement from both of them now! It's weird because they are coming from all over the place and I don't know which one is kicking and moving. 

Mood this week?
Tired, but great.  This last two weeks were very busy for us.

Best moment this week?
So many!  We celebrated Em's 4th birthday with a full week of fun. We went to Busch Gardens, my mom flew in from Texas, we went boating and celebrated over the weekend with a Fiesta!  I also attended the Mother of all Baby Showers in Orlando and it was so great meeting some new blogger moms! Oh, and I had my Level 2 ultrasound and go to see our sweet girls.  It's so amazing to see them both together and we can't wait to hold them!


  1. EEEK I am so excited for you! You are looking great and sounds like feeling pretty good too!

    1. So far, so good! And thank you! Growing two is so much different than one! I don't think my stomach can stretch any more!

  2. Lookin' so cute mama! Glad you had such a good week!

  3. You are looking so great! Glad you had such a good week!