Charlotte Maria | 5 Months

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Each month, I keep saying that I can't believe Charlotte is another month older.  And each month it seems like I say that a little sooner than the last.  I'm enjoying watching her grow, but sure wish it would slow down!  I don't remember Emma growing this fast.  Charlotte is such a happy baby and such a blessing to our family!
Headband: BirdieBabyBoutique

 Age :: 5 months

Length :: 25 inches
Weight :: 11 lbs 10 oz 
*Charlotte is still having a hard time gaining weight.  We were told to go ahead and start solids, including putting oatmeal in her bottle when I pump to try to help her gain.  Pray for us!  I think I'm having a harder time with it than Charlotte is!

Milestones :: This girl is on the move.  She has really started trying to scoot around.  It won't be long before she is crawling!  She is trying to sit up, but still very wobbly.  I finally got that baby laugh I've been waiting for!  It's more of a chuckle, but it's so cute.  She smiles at Emma all the time and thinks she's funny.  I hope they are going to be best friends! 

Sleep :: We are still sleeping pretty well for the most part.  Some days are better than others and she is good about self-soothing in the middle of the night.  There are those nights she wants to wake and nurse, which I don't mind at all.  I think most of it has to do with her teeth trying to come through.  She takes about 3-4 little naps during the day and one long 2 hour or more nap late afternoon.  Emma is napping at the same time for her long nap and it has been amazing!

Favorites :: She loves to chew on everything, and well, get into everything.
  She loves to look in the mirror, blow bubbles and definitely loves to blow raspberries on our shoulders when we hold her.  She still loves to chew on her hands and toes.  She still loves to be sung to  and nursing in on the top of the list.  She loves our dog, Neko! She loves to cuddle and likes playing with her Fisher Price kick n play Piano.  She still enjoys jumping in her Fisher Price Jumperoo.  Her teething toys are becoming a favorite now!

Doesn’t like :: The car seat and Charlotte are still not friends.  We have hit the separation anxiety stage and she does not like when I leave the room.

Foods:: Breastfeeding strong! We started oatmeal and will begin other solids soon.

Firsts:: Easter (3.28), first time to blow bubbles (22 weeks), separation anxiety (23 weeks), strawberry picking with big sis (18 weeks), first taste of oatmeal (21 weeks)-you can watch her video here. 

Size 1 diapers.  3 month clothing and some 3-6.  

Nicknames:: Char, Charlie (Emma's version of Charlotte-sounds like Sharlee), Charlie girl, Pumkin, Munchkin, Wiggle Worm

Here are some pictures from this month :)


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