Charlotte Maria | 3 Months

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Headband :: Birdie Baby Boutique
Age :: 3 Months... Where is the time going?!

Length :: 22 3/4 inches
Weight :: 10 lbs 13 oz 

*She didn't quite gain a month this month, which concerned me a little, but I was assured that she was doing just fine and that she was just small-10th percentile for weight.  She nurses plenty throughout the day and I'm definitely producing enough milk right now.  I'm sure there is a growth spurt coming soon!

Milestones :: This girl still loves to smile!  She is working on laughing.  She think almost everything is funny.  She can hold her head up and we started working on sitting up.She smiles, coos and giggles all the time!  She is so close to rolling over.   She gets about three-fourths of the way and then gets distracted by her hand.  Ha!  She has a great grip and is grabbing objects now...and my hair.

Sleep :: Charlotte is waking up around 730am to start her day and plays until 9, when she likes to take a small nap.  She only likes to do this in her swing.  She is taking two long naps (2-3 hours) during the day and continues to take little ones.  She will only nap for her long one on the couch, which is hard for me.  She is sleeping through the night now (9 hour stretch)!  She will occasionally wake up to nurse, but it's usually around 5am and she goes right back to sleep.   She goes to sleep around 730, but wants to cluster feed from about that time to 9pm and that's when I put her in her crib.  We transitioned to her crib last month and she has done great!

Favorites :: She loves to have the ABC's sung to her...or just sung to in general.  We are working on the alphabet with big sis, Emma, so we sing a lot.  She still loves to be carried in her
Solly Wrap.  She loves to look around and sit in her FisherPrice chairShe loves to eat and still really enjoys getting her diaper changed (she gets really excited and won't stop kicking her feet).  She likes bath time and being outside.  She LOVES her Gramps and loves to be held by him. She loves to grab her feet and chew on her hands. I think she might be cutting a tooth!

Doesn’t like :: Being in her car-seat for very long.  Being cold.  She still won't take a pacifier and will only take a bottle if she absolutely has to...she will fight it though.  She does not like to nap in her crib. 

Foods:: Breastfeeding strong!

Firsts::  First Valentine's day (2/14).  First accident with Emma (big sis fell on her)(13 weeks).  She sucked her thumb for the first time (2/8).  Stayed at grandparents, while Emma and I hung out (10 weeks).

Clothes:: Tiny thing is still in some newborn clothes, but we've pretty much moved on to 0-3.  Her 3 month clothes are still a little big.  She is in size 1 diapers.

Nicknames:: Char, Charlie (Emma's version of Charlotte), Monkey, Sweet Girl, Chunky Monkey, Sister

Here are some pictures from this month :)
Headband:: Ruby Blue Originals; Sunglasses:: Babiators    

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