BBM Challenge | Week 3

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Here is how my week went...

Cardio-Day 16: Holy workout!  Did anyone else think this week's routine was crazy?!  I was really feeling the 10 seconds of rest. 
Stats: Fake Jump Rope-100; Burpee/leg lift-14; Butt Kickers-120; Mountain Climbers-64; X-Squats-20; Irish Jig-38 (each leg); Jump Squats-21; Long Jump/3 Back-7; Side Plank Oblique Touch-L12 R12

Strength-Day 17:  I loved the added 10 seconds exercise to each exercise.  No sarcasm.  I really did.
Stats: Plank Rows-9; Squat Thrust-5; Lunge DB Touch-L13 R15; Jumping Jacks-10/10; Around the World-16; Burpees-4; Lateral Lunge Touch-L14 R13; Squat Jumps-6/4; Overhead Tricep Extensions-27; Irish Jig-11; Plank Object Touch-40; Mountain Climbers-24

Cardio-Day 18:  I knew what was coming and I kind of dreaded it, but it felt so good when it was over!
Stats: Fake Jump Rope-110; Burpee/leg lift-15; Butt Kickers-110; Mountain Climbers-50 ea; X-Squats-22; Irish Jig-45 (each leg); Jump Squats-20; Long Jump/3 Back-8; Side Plank Oblique Touch-L13 R13

Strength-Day 19:  Stats: Plank Rows-11; Squat Thrust-5; Lunge DB Touch-L15 R15; Jumping Jacks-8/7; Around the World-15; Burpees-3; Lateral Lunge Touch-L15 R14; Squat Jumps-5/5; Overhead Tricep Extensions-25; Irish Jig-12; Plank Object Touch-36; Mountain Climbers-30

Cardio-Day 20:  I skipped today's cardio workout and went with my neighbor to the gym.  We did a one hour Body Sculpting and Abs class.  It definitely worked muscles that I have not been using and I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow!

Rest-Day 21:  I don't think chasing an eight month old around the house all day is taking it  That's a workout in itself ;)  I enjoyed the day with Em while Michael was out golfing.

I wouldn't say that I have really had any big challenges this week.  My sweet tooth, if I haven't mentioned before, is going to sabotage everything.  I did make lactation cookies this week so I don't feel as guilty.  That's acceptable, right?

My goal for the next week is basically the same as it has been; to eat healthier meals and to get a walk in with Emma on top of my workouts(which we did this week). Oh, and I will be logging my meals this week to see if it helps.  I'm sure it will.  That is something I have not been doing. 

I would love to hear how your week went and what goals you have set for yourself!  Have a great week!  We are almost one month in!


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