Don't Worry, Have a Cookie

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A few days ago I was able to catch up with a good friend of mine who just had a sweet little boy.  It was nice to sit down with someone who didn't mind all this baby talk.  We chatted all about being first time mommy's and some of our struggles.  I was reminded how hard breastfeeding can be in the beginning.  Although it wasn't that long ago, I had already forgotten what a challenge it was for myself and Emma. 

Breastfeeding isn't for everyone and it also comes easier for some than others.  I was one of those that had to work on it.  I remember I would cringe and start crying before Emma would even latch on.  She got the hang of latching on to my left breast pretty quickly, but the right was a completely different story.  She couldn't quite get it and I was in a lot of pain for the first month and a half.  I tried everything from pumping beforehand, nipple shields, changing her position...everything I could think of and read about.  There were many days where I really didn't think I could do it.  The more I worried about it, the worse it got until one day I decided that we were going to do this.  It was the best thing for Emma and I wasn't going to stress over something I couldn't necessarily control.  I left it all up to Him and knew it would work itself out.

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you."  1 Peter 5:7

I remember when Emma finally had a great latch for the first time that wasn't painful.  I continued to cry, but it was because I was so happy!  I even yelled at Michael to come check it out.  Ha!

Through our struggles, I learned how important it is to set goals.  For us, I try to make it to the next month.  This Saturday will make 16 weeks and going strong!  For you, it could be just to make it through the week or even day to day.  Every day that I am able to provide for my sweet baby, is just that, one more day that I'm providing the nutrients that she needs to grow healthy.

Since then, we haven't had much trouble with nursing and I love getting this experience with Emma.  However,  I have gone back to work full-time and that was another challenge of its own.  Trying to keep up with work and keep a consistent pumping schedule along with her nursing schedule can be tough.  I began to notice a decrease in my milk supply as well. 

Another lesson I learned through this, is how important it is to take of myself.  I drink a lot water, eat well (most of the time) and snack on these amazing No-Bake Lactation Cookies  that I got from another mommy blogger.  I've made three batches since having Emma, so I thought I would share :)  I add 1/2 cup of Chia seeds to mine, any nut of your choice (walnuts, almonds and cashews are the best for your milk supply) and dark cocoa instead of unsweetened cocoa.  These are soooo good and I notice a big difference when I incorporate oats into my diet daily.

I am thankful every day for being able to have the opportunity to bond with my baby in a way that no one else will ever be able to do with her.  At the end of the day, being a mommy can be exhausting, but I am so glad that I get to do it again the next day.

So, when you start to worry about your next nursing session, pumping or your milk supply, DON'T.  Just stop, take a breath, say a little prayer and then relax and enjoy a cookie :)

What has been some of your struggles as mommies?  What advice would you give?


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