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Friday, August 18, 2017

Cappuccino at Dolcezzo

Coffee: (n) survival juice

Happy Friday! It's going to be a brew-tiful day! (Sorry-I couldn't help myself)

I've had a terrible cough this week and have not slept more than an hour at a time for the last four days.  The combination of lack of sleep and two toddlers has resulted in a massive amount of coffee drinking.  Seriously, give me all the coffee.  I'm pretty sure it's seeping out of my pores at this point, but then again, what's new.  

I knew when my husband and I traveled to Washington D.C. last month, that finding the best coffee places was on the top of our list.  Not only because we each have a love affair with coffee, but also because we needed all the caffeine to keep us going if we wanted to check everything else off of our list.

I thought it would be fitting to share a few of our favorite coffee spots that we found while visiting (again, because of the ridiculous amount I've had this week) and a few others that we didn't make it to, but were local faves and had great reviews.


This coffee and gelato shop was amazing, y'all.  My husband almost always get a Cafe Americano and he loved it so much here, that we bought a bag of whole beans to bring home with us.   The gelato did not disappoint and anytime I can have dessert with coffee, is a win in my book.  They have several locations that are all worth going to.  There was a line almost out the door, if that tells you anything.

Baked and Wired

I tried several times to make it to this coffee spot, but it just wasn't in the cards for us.  I'll be honest, not only did I want to go to Baked and Wired for the coffee, but apparently the cupcakes are to die for.  It will be a must when we decide to go back.

La Colombe

Another we didn't make it to, but a lot of people raved about, including our friend from Philly who met up with us over the weekend.  They are known for their latte drafts, which look delicious! 

Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar 

It took us over 10 minutes to find this place as it is tucked away and when we finally did, I was excited.  Mainly because I was hot and tired of walking, but also because of the inviting atmosphere and friendly baristas. I wanted something iced and went with the Iced Mocha.  I don't normally like overly sweet coffee, but it tasted just like chocolate milk and hit the spot.  We also tried their rhubarb pie and my husband wasn't complaining.  What I loved about this place, is their simple menu.  It was nothing crazy or fancy, just good coffee.

Compass Coffee

A local favorite that was started by two marines.  They have multiple locations, each one as busy as the other.  It's a great place to get a cup of coffee or a handcrafted espresso, hang out with friends and enjoy the wifi.

I could really go on and on about all the amazing coffee shops in D.C., but I hope this helps get you started if you are ever visiting the area.

Have you been to D.C. or are you from the area?  Comment below if you've tried any of these places or have a favorite that I didn't mention.


  1. I haven't visited DC but I would like too. I really like checking out new coffee shops when I travel so this is just up my alley!

  2. I have a coffee shop obsession. We have great ones here in Las Vegas. If I ever make it to DC I'll have to check these out!

    Lisa Doyle

  3. Pinned for reference! I love posts like this, always looking for the best coffee when I travel!

  4. We get to DC on occasion, I have saved this to my Pinterest for a future visit because I love visiting little spots like these!! Thanks

  5. I'm dying to go to DC and I'll make sure and keep this list on my radar so that when I do go, I can find some good coffee, because I'm such a huge coffee lover!!

  6. It is 9pm here and you have me totally craving coffee!! These places sound amazing!

  7. I haven't been there in forever, but these sound like some good places!

  8. I love this because when I travel all I want to do is check out coffee shops!! I will have to remember this post if and when we go to DC!!

  9. This is so cool! Hopefully we'll be visiting DC in the next year so I'm going to save this for later!

  10. I hope to visit DC in my lifetime !! These places sound great. Thanks for sharing with us 💕