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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I love hosting girls night!  I decided at the beginning of the year that I would try to have a night in (sometimes out) once a month with my girlfriends.  For the most part, we have kept to it with a month here and there missed due to a holiday or just everyone being super busy.

One month that we missed was because everyone's schedule was so crazy, that I thought what better way to catch up and relax than with a Summer Spa Party?  There's still time left in the Summer to host your own or you could easily turn this into a Fall Party!

Any of you ladies part of the Bits of Life Facebook group?  It's an amazing place to go to meet other women who are inspiring, supportive and encouraging.  You can find everything from beauty to motherhood to home.  It's wonderful!  I have been able to meet some incredible women through this group, including Sarah, the owner of The Yellow Mustard Seed Co.  The best part about meeting her is that out of the 16,000 people in this group, she lives in my area!

When I found out that she hand-makes soaps and scrubs, I knew I wanted her to come over and help host a Summer Spa Party for my friends.  We had so much fun trying the products!

So, want to know how to throw your own spa party with The Yellow Mustard Seed Co.?

1. Pick a date and invite all your closest girlfriends to enjoy a night in at your place.  Make sure you let your guests know to dress comfy.  Pajamas are totally acceptable for this!

2. Head to The Yellow Mustard Seed Co. and pick out a sample set for each of your guests.  It includes:

* Mint Chocolate Sugar Scrub
* Mustard Seed Soap Scrub
* Lemon & Lavender Sugar Scrub
* White Macadamia Nut Coffee Sugar Scrub

The Lemon & Lavender is my favorite, I could eat the White Macadamia Nut Coffee AND on Monday, September 5th, Pumpkin Spice will be released!!  

3. Grab some of these amazing Goat's Milk Bar Soaps.  These are great for anyone with sensitive skin!

4. You can't forget the food and drinks!  Make sure you have wine...lots of wine :)  I made this easy and delicious quiche.  We kept it all pretty simple with fruit, cheesecake gelato and chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

5.  Try out all the different scrubs, soaps and here's a DIY face mask to try after using the scrub!  You can even have mani/pedis afterwards while you sit around, chat and relax!

A Summer Spa Party would be perfect for a girls night in, just to pamper yourself, a bachelorette party or even a birthday party!

The Yellow Mustard Seed Co also offers aromatherapy and an all natural laundry detergent!

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  1. I like that idea of girls night out!

  2. Love a good girls night in! and spa date, even better!

  3. I loved it! So much fun and those scrubs made my face so smooth. Loved the coffee one :)

  4. Looks like so much fun and the mint chocolate scrub sounds divine!