Charlotte Maria | 1 Month

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Age :: 1 Month

Length :: 21 inches
Weight :: 8 lbs 13 oz

Milestones :: She smiles in her sleep and it is the sweetest thing.  She is working on holding her head up and doing such a great job.  She doesn't mind tummy time, but not for very long.  She loves to focus on big sis (not that she has much of a choice since Emma is always in her face.  Lol).

Sleep :: Charlotte is such a great sleeper!  She is sleeping about 5 hour stretches at night and nurses every 2-3 hours.  She falls right back asleep after nursing.

Favorites :: She likes to be swaddled, which I am thankful for.  Her favorite is to be wrapped and carried in our Solly Wrap.  Nursing.  Getting her diaper changed.  Being in her swing.  She also enjoys bath time.  She LOVES her Gramps and loves to be held by him. 

Doesn’t like :: Being in her car-seat for very long.  Being cold or without any clothes on.  When mommy has dairy, it gives her a really bad diaper rash and a whole lot of gas. 

Firsts :: Smile and Giggle was at about a week old in her sleep. 

Foods:: Breastfeeding strong!

Clothes:: She is so tiny and still fitting into her newborn clothes.  Most of them are still a little big on her.

Here are some pics from Charlotte's first month of life:

Charlotte's first bath.

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