A Peek Into Our Lives Last Week

Monday, January 15, 2018

This past week was a week of learning that not everything goes as planned. That motherhood is staying on your toes and being able to adapt quickly.

We started our week on a good note and attended the Pygmy Hippo Name Reveal Party at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.  The weather was perfect and we had such a great day.

Of course, that quickly changed when a few hours after we got home, my youngest got sick and threw up.  What was supposed to be a night off for my husband and I turned into another routine night with our girls.  They were going to stay the night at my in-laws, but thought it was best we try another night since Charlotte had gotten sick.

They did take the girls on Tuesday, so I was able to run some errands and enjoy my coffee while hot.  They had such a good day, that they ended up staying the night this week after all!

I attended our MOPs (Mother's of Preschoolers) leadership meeting and it was nice to see all of the moms I love.  Most of us hadn't seen each other since Christmas.  We caught up and planned our upcoming meetings and mom's nights, which we all know we need!

My father-in-law celebrated a birthday and Emma even got to help make the cake!  We got home from my in-laws and a day of fun, to a night of sickness.  Em woke me up around 11pm saying that she didn't feel well.  As soon as she got comfortable in our bed, she threw up all over me.

This continued until 430am and we decided to miss the Lowry Park Zoo and a first look at their new baby orangutan that we were invited to attend.  We were all sad to miss, but sometimes you just need to slow down.  We cuddled and watch movies all day and I prayed that Charlotte wouldn't get sick again.

January 11, 2018
{Motherhood is being flexible and sometimes not being able to do the things you planned (like getting a first look at the new baby orangutan at @lowryparkzoo this morning)

It sometimes means getting woken up in the middle of the night with a little one who has a upset tummy and then getting thrown up on 🤢#thathappened

Motherhood sometimes means staying up to hold your baby and lack of sleep in order for them to feel better. 

I may not always know the curve balls that motherhood is going to throw at me, but what I do know is motherhood is ALWAYS worth it. 

Thank you @ashleysolbergblog for taking this photo and reminding me how much I love being a mom. That the little hand holding, the adventure down a "secret" hallway to see our favorite superheroes, the extra cuddles I'm getting in and the "thanks for taking care of me, Mommy" makes the late night and long day we are having so #worthit ❤️}

Thankfully, a couple of days of rest was just what we all needed because we are back to feeling better for the weekend! We celebrated another birthday of the sweetest two year old and Michael and I decided not to brave the cold, skipped Monster Jam and had a date night out instead!

We ended with a trip to Shark Days at the Florida Aquarium and I got to meet up with some of my favorite blogger friends

I'd love to hear how you week was! Leave a comment below :)


  1. What an eventful week and full of precious memories too. It stinks when our little ones are sick but the extra cuddles are pretty wonderful.

  2. Those sick nights are the worst! Hope it passed fast and that 2018 is full of health and wellness for you all!

  3. So glad you guys were finally able to manage a date night! Your little ones are the sweetest and I'm so glad they're feeling better!


  4. This looks soooo fun! What a special treat!!