Our "Hurrication" and How We Are Making the Best of It

Monday, September 11, 2017

I want to start by thanking everyone again for keeping us and the entire state of Florida in your thoughts and prayers.  Our plans changed drastically last week when it looked like Hurricane Irma was heading straight towards us.  Originally, my mom was scheduled to fly in from Texas last Wednesday, spend the week with us and then we would make the drive together back to Texas to visit with family and friends. 

Our week started out fine.  I went to the grocery store and prepared for my mom's visit.  I woke up on Tuesday and went to bible study knowing about the hurricane, but not worried.  As I left there, I realized it wasn't safe for us to stay. 

I tried not to panic, but I'm not going to lie, I was scared

Scared to leave my husband under the conditions (and so abruptly) and scared to leave our home. A home that we have made ours over the last 3 1/2 years. A home where Michael proposed to me in when we became the owners and a home where we have brought both of our girls home to from the hospital.  

We immediately cancelled my mom's flight, I packed as much as I could in the rush of it all and we headed to Kentucky to be with my in-laws the next day.  As much as I didn't want to leave and I was disappointed that we weren't going to Texas, I love visiting my in-laws and I was looking forward to the change in weather.

The last few days since being here have been hard. I've have been worried about my husband and the uncertainty of it all.  I am so thankful he made the decision to grab our dog, gather a few more things we cherish and leave Florida Saturday morning.

My girls and I have taken trips out of state without my husband before, but nothing like this; rushed, nervous and alone with two toddlers.  He made it to us late Saturday night and we watched and prayed as the storm went through our city yesterday.

In the meantime, Emma and Charlotte have been having the time of their lives visiting their grandparents. They continue to keep me busy, which has been a good distraction.  The storm is over...at least for us and I now feel like I can enjoy the Fall weather.  

We have had a hot dog roast, S'mores by the campfire, blown countless bubbles, gone to the apple orchard and done a little paddle boating.  We are definitely making the best of our time here before we head back to Florida to help clean up the mess Hurricane Irma has left behind.

Our home update:  We had some friends go by our house to look at some of the damage.  So far, our back fence is down and there is some debris.  Nothing major and we are extremely grateful for that.  My husband is heading back to Florida without us to check things out.  We are praying that he has a safe drive given the storm is heading North and will join him once we know more about our city and our house.


  1. So grateful to hear good news!! What a blessing to b in Kentucky with your in laws!
    Beautiful! Fall is in the air! I am praying along with everyone here in Texas for
    Florida! Hurricanes are so unpredictable & can cause a lot of damage & change peoples
    daily routine to utter chaos. Keep the Faith for it pulls us thru the hardships.
    So happy to hear your home is okay...love you all...Aunt Martha

  2. I'm so, so happy you're safe and ale to make the most of what has been a super stressful situation!!

  3. I'm so glad you are safe! Being away from the storm and the chaos is probably the best move when you have kiddos. I'm praying for a safe return for both of you and minimal damage to your home!

  4. So glad you are all safe. And maybe not much damage to your home...Let me know when you get back there safely..love you, Grandma.

  5. I'm so glad you guys are having such a great time and that Michael decided to join you! You girls are just so precious and it looks like they had an absolutely blast with your in-laws <3

  6. So glad you guys are safe and having a blast!! I can't imagine going through the hurricanes!

  7. You have such a positive attitude. Hope you all stayed safe!

  8. Glad to hear there isn't much damage, I grew up in Florida and only recently left, my entire family and friend base is still there and we know many folks who have had catastrophic damage, so I'm glad to hear that y'all are doing well!

  9. So glad you and your family are ok! And thankful it was just minor damage. We had to evacuate during Harvey and unfortunately lost pretty much our whole garage and one car during Harvey here in Houston. But you know what? God has been SO faithful! We are doing ok and moving forward! Definitely counting our blessings and thankful that we were able to return home this weekend. God bless you guys in FL!

  10. so so happy you guys are safe! your girls look like they are having a blast. and yay for you, super mom, for driving two kids by yourself!