How I'm Protecting my Kids from the Sun this Summer

Monday, June 5, 2017

Growing up, I don't really remember learning about the importance of protecting my skin.  I was someone who tanned easily coming from a Hispanic background and never thought much about sunscreen.  As a teen, I was actually one who would put tanning oil on to enhance my already naturally tan skin.  Looking back, I wish I had realized how much damage I was causing and the unnecessary exposure to risks like skin cancer.

Honestly, it wasn't until I moved to Florida in my early 20s and going to the beach more that I realized I needed to throw the oil away and slather on the highest SPF I could find.  Now that I am a mother of two girls, I do my best to make sure they are protected daily from all harm, including sun exposure.

Here are some ways that I am protecting my girls' skin this Summer (and really, all year long).

 1. Sun Protective Clothing

Finding the right clothing when heading out is important.  I am obsessed with our Swimzip Swimsuits and Rash Guards.  I highly recommend looking into these if you go swimming a lot or if you're heading to the beach this Summer.  I want them in every print and color for the girls!  These swimsuits are an extra layer of protection that my girls need when being outside all day and they love being outside.  The material is made of UPF 50+ and I feel good about my girls swimming in them.  You can read more about Betsy (the creator behind Swimzip) here and why she started her company.   Swimzip offers a range of sun protective clothing from women to men and even sunhats.  

2. Sunscreen

My favorite kind of days are overcast.  I love being outdoors on days like that, but I still make sure my girls are covered.  Just because you can't see the sun, doesn't mean that it isn't causing harm.  Putting sunscreen on my girls is one of the first things we do before stepping outdoors.   Did you know that kids receive 3 times more UV exposure than adults?  That's insane and even more of a reason to protect them.  The sunscreen we currently use is Babyganics.  It is paraben free, gentle on sensitive skin (like my littlest one's) and easy to use.  You can also get it in a stick version, which makes it easier to apply to their face.  

3. Sunglasses

I'm personally partial to Babiators.  Not only do my girls look ridiculously cute in them, but they are comfortable and durable.  Not to mention, 100% UV protection.  It's so important to protect their little eyes as they are more susceptible to sun damage  Babiators have a lost and found guarantee and will replace any registered sunglasses that have been lost or broken within a year.  This is great if you have kids! 

4. Hydration

I make sure that I am constantly giving my girls water.  I want to keep them and their skin hydrated to reduce the chance of any burning and overheating.  This sounds like it would be the obvious thing to do, but it can easily be forgotten when you are running around and splashing in water all day. 

5. Outdoor Umbrellas and Tents 

When my girls aren't in the water or running around, I like to make sure they are covered in other ways.  We love outdoor tents and umbrellas.  I have talked about this beach umbrella before and still think it's great to have in your backyard or heading to the beach.  We also just added a large patio umbrella to cover the girls when they are playing with their water table.  You can never have too much protection from the sun. 

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6. Plan Ahead - Limit Outdoor activity to Morning and Evening

The best times to go outside and play are before 10am and after 4pm.  This is when the Sun's rays are at their harshest.  For us, it's always easier to go out first thing in the morning anyhow and then I know my girls will take a good afternoon nap.  Then, if it's not too hot, letting them go back outside and play before bath time means an easier bed time!  

How do you keep your little babes protected?  Anything I missed?

Thank you to Swimzip for partnering with us!  This post contains affiliate links.  As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own. 



  1. All really great reminders for sun safety this summer. Those Swimzip suits are so cute and practical!

  2. These swimsuits are adorable! We love our SwimZips! Playing hard outside is perfection for long naps and easy bedtimes 🙌🏼

  3. I love the swimzip too! They are stylish yet so practical. I love that you don't have to try and pull a wet bathing major over your little ones head.

  4. The swimsuits are adorable! Swimzip's cover ups for adults are pretty cute, too! I burn pretty easily, and always keep sunscreen in stock at home.

  5. First, I love those swimsuits! Second, we use Babyganics sunscreen too!!

  6. We love Babyganics spray too! It's the best. They are adorable in their matching swimwear!

  7. Swimzip is AMAZING! We love our suits. Protecting children from the sun is so important. Such great tips and ideas.

  8. We love SwimZip! I'm going to have to find our big umbrella like that because my son loves to be outside playing in the dirt, haha.

  9. These things are so important to remember. I've never heard of swimzip though. I'll have to check them out.

  10. The girls are super adorable and these are all such important tips to remember!!