BBM Challenge | Week 1

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thank goodness for rest day!  Can I get an AMEN?! ;)  It feels amazing to have made it through the first week.  I know I still have a ways to go, but I know it's possible if I just take it a week at a time.

Here is how my week went...

Cardio-Day 2: Well, I definitely broke a sweat.  That was killer!
Stats: Jog in place-60sec; Step ups-20L 15R; Jump Rope-100; X squats-15 (each leg); Pogo Hop-130; Burpee(the worst)-10; Jumping Jacks-50; Side to Side Squat Shuffle-15 (each side); Star Plank-30

Strength-Day 3:  I am so sore today!  Strength training wasn't bad.  I know that I need to stretch a few more minutes though because my muscles are really tight.  Pretty good over all.
Stats: Squat Press-20; Bent over Rows-35; Reverse Lunge-16L 14R; Irish Jig-45; L-Raises-16; Mountain Climbers-40; Elbow Plank-30sec

Cardio-Day 4:   Still a little sore, but saw some improvement already in my scores!
Stat: Jog in place-60sec; Step ups-17L 19R; Jump Rope-107; X Squats-15 (each leg); Pogo Hop-133; Burpees-11; Jumping Jacks-44; Side to Side Squat Shuffle-15 (each side); Star Plank-35

Strength-Day 5:  I'll take strength over cardio any day ;)
Stats: Squat Press-25; Bent over Rows-38; Reverse Lunge-L 17 R15; Irish Jig-55(each leg); L-Raises-16(each arm); Mountain Climbers-46(each side); Elbow Plank-20sec

Cardio-Day 6:  I am so glad this is the last day of the week.
Stats: Jog in place-60sec; Step ups-15L 14R; Jump Rope-130; X Squats-12 (each leg); Pogo Hop-110; Burpees-13; Jumping Jacks-25; Side to Side Squat Shuffle-15 (each side); Star Plank-45

Rest-Day 7:  I went to a good friend's bridal shower and had such a good time.  Michael has been great and pretty much taken care of Emma all day, so when I got home I was able to catch up on things for my shop.

My biggest challenge this week has been "diet".  I did not eat as well as I should (example: Mexican food and cupcakes).  Oops.  #sorrynotsorry  <--Can I use a hash tag there? 

My goal for the next week is to eat 5 healthy meals a day and to get a walk in with Emma on top of my workouts.  She loves being outside and unlike my Texas family and friends, it has been gorgeous weather here in FL.  #sorrynotsorry #again  Hehe.

How did you spend your rest day?  What has been your biggest challenge this week?  What is one goal for next week?


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