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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I thought I was dying | Postpartum Preeclampsia (Part 1)

It's no surprise that being pregnant with one child can be difficult, but throw another baby in there and it's a completely different ballgame.  For me, being pregnant with twins was actually not as challenging as I thought it would.  It was a fairly "easy" and uneventful twin pregnancy and up until the last month, no complications.  I did have a little scare very early on where I thought we were having another miscarriage, but turned out it was just twins!

The last month of my pregnancy was nothing out of the norm.  I had the usual swelling and some weight gain.  We had a lot going on with not only two kids to take care of but a huge move from Florida to Indiana at 30 weeks pregnant.  I didn't feel stressed, but I'm sure I was a little not to mention very exhausted.  

The Tuesday before I was induced, I was having a pain in my right leg I couldn't get rid of.  I went to my doctor, who checked me out and everything seemed fine.  My blood pressure was perfect and had been my entire pregnancy.  My swelling was nothing to be concerned about either.  He sent me over to the hospital to be on the safe side and to be checked out for a blood clot.  Again, everything seemed fine.  My doctor scheduled my induction for Friday morning because he would be heading out of town for the weekend and I wanted to make sure it was him who delivered.  He also let me know that he would be on call the next two days if I needed him and that he wouldn't send me home if I ended up in triage.

I was having mild contractions, but decided I was fine to wait until Friday.  I have yet to write about my birth story and I promise that is coming.  Four kids under four years of age has been a lot, so my blog has taken a back seat over the last 6 months.

Without going into too much detail, my blood pressure was high when I arrived at the hospital.  The nurse asked me if I was nervous and I assured her that I wasn't.  I was definitely anxious because we had been waiting a few hours to get checked in, but not nervous and 

I felt fine.

My delivery went crazy fast.  They started me on Pitocin and within one hour, I was being rushed to the OR to deliver Molly first.  Being sent to the OR is standard routine for multiples.  My epidural hadn't even set in and here she was, being pushed out in two short pushes.

Kathryn came via c-section due to some complications that I will share at another time.  Other than being terrified of the surgery, after giving birth to the twins, 

I felt fine. 

I found out my blood pressure dropped pretty low during delivery, but came back up without any problems.  After being sent to recovery and getting to love on our girls, I found out that my blood pressure was back up again.  I was having some more swelling in my legs, but felt fine for just giving birth two different ways in two hours.

At one point, it got pretty high and they decided to give me some blood pressure meds to help bring it down.

It didn't work but I felt fine.  No headaches, no blurred vision, nothing.

Maybe it was the adrenaline.  Maybe it was the exhaustion.  Maybe it was the overwhelming amount of emotions I was going through, but there was nothing that screamed "you're getting close to dying" to me.

It turns out that I was not ok and after the blood pressure meds weren't working, I was immediately sent to the high risk unit to be monitored and be put on magnesium.

I found out that I was having Preeclampsia AFTER delivery and some of the scariest moments of my life were to follow.

Part 2 coming soon.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

We're moving on up at Goldfish Swim School!

Thank you Goldfish for sponsoring this post. As always, content is 100% honest and my own.

After several swim classes at Goldfish Swim School, I am still so impressed with the facility and instructors.  My girls love when they get to go and are so proud of themselves when they are finished with their lesson.

We received some exciting news today and Emma will be moving up a class!  I love that Goldfish doesn't hold their swimmers back and encourages them to take that next step to improve their swimming skills.  They know when the child is ready to move forward and they don't waste any time to do it for them.  

Goldfish Swim School has a great progress report/chart that allows them to help your child on different skills that are age appropriate.  Emma is a quick learner, but I definitely think having the right instructor and encouragement was a big reason she was able to move up a level as soon as she did.  

Even Charlotte has shown so much improvement since she started.  A few weeks ago she didn't want to go under the water (she actually didn't want to go swimming at all), but this morning when she woke up, all she could talk about was how she was going to go under the water and couldn't wait to get there!  Her instructor is so patient with her, but still pushes her without being overwhelming.

As a mom, they even made it easy for me to get both my girls in at the same time still since they will now be in different classes.  It's a win win for everyone!  Goldfish swim school really is incredible.  They even make it easy if you have to cancel and reschedule a make up class, which we had to do due to the weather last week.  It's exciting for all of us to go each week and not only learn how to swim, but about water safety as well.  

I can't wait to see how much my girls have improved at the end of next month.  Goldfish Swim School is definitely worth it and perfect for all kids.  Don't hesitate to get them signed up.  Summer is just around the corner!

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What to look forward to at Goldfish Swim School next month:

3/15 Family Night Out - Celebrate St. Patrick's Day  (open swim, crafts and snacks!) Be sure to pre-register.

3/17-3/23 Progress Report Week I love that they give you detailed information on what your child is learning, how they are doing and you what you can look forward to for future lessons.

Don't forget you can also book your next party there!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Reasons you should sign your kids up for Sprouts Cooking School

Last week we had the opportunity to visit Sprouts Cooking School in Carmel. (Thank you Sprouts for having us!)  Emma has actually taken two cooking classes there before, but it was the first time Charlotte had been old enough to attend since you have to be at least three years old.  I even got to join in on the fun and learn more about the classes offered.

We had such a great time!  I highly recommend you signing your kids up and here's why...

Cooking is a great life long tool to have and to learn early.  I grew up learning to cook from my grandmother and it is something I value and appreciate so much as an adult.  Cooking for yourself and for others is something you need to know how to do.  The kids learn to work together in a group/social setting which is so important to learn at an early age, follow recipes and direction, which are all great tools to have.

Learning young gives them the opportunity to make good food choices later on in life.  Don't get me wrong, I love going out to eat every now and then, but cooking for yourself means you get to pick and choose what ingredients you are using.  They have the knowledge early of what is processed vs what's a healthier alternative and grow their palates with new and exciting flavors!

learning to marble fondant
It's fun! Emma couldn't wait to get home and start recreating what she had made during her cooking class at Sprouts.  She knew measurements and even used a knife while she was there and thought that was so cool!  They safely allow the kids to feel independent in the kitchen, which is amazing.  Emma felt like such a big kid!

It encourages YOU to get in the kitchen and cook with your kids.  I love being in the kitchen and it's so fun to include my girls.  It's not always easy, but through it I've learned to be patient and it's really helped both of us.  It does get messy and I have to allow for some extra time, but it's so rewarding to have those moments with them.  Emma has even started learning how to load the dishwasher and hand wash dishes, so it's teaching her how to do chores and responsibility.

Sprouts offers so many fun themes each month that range from ages Tiny Sprouts (3-5), Junior Sprouts (6-8) and Tween Sprouts (9-13).  You can even have a pretty sweet birthday party there!  Sprouts is even gearing up for their Summer camps and you can sign up here.  You definitely don't want to miss out on the fun and your kids will thank you!