The Littlest Funk blog: January 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

BBM Challenge | Week 3

Here is how my week went...

Cardio-Day 16: Holy workout!  Did anyone else think this week's routine was crazy?!  I was really feeling the 10 seconds of rest. 
Stats: Fake Jump Rope-100; Burpee/leg lift-14; Butt Kickers-120; Mountain Climbers-64; X-Squats-20; Irish Jig-38 (each leg); Jump Squats-21; Long Jump/3 Back-7; Side Plank Oblique Touch-L12 R12

Strength-Day 17:  I loved the added 10 seconds exercise to each exercise.  No sarcasm.  I really did.
Stats: Plank Rows-9; Squat Thrust-5; Lunge DB Touch-L13 R15; Jumping Jacks-10/10; Around the World-16; Burpees-4; Lateral Lunge Touch-L14 R13; Squat Jumps-6/4; Overhead Tricep Extensions-27; Irish Jig-11; Plank Object Touch-40; Mountain Climbers-24

Cardio-Day 18:  I knew what was coming and I kind of dreaded it, but it felt so good when it was over!
Stats: Fake Jump Rope-110; Burpee/leg lift-15; Butt Kickers-110; Mountain Climbers-50 ea; X-Squats-22; Irish Jig-45 (each leg); Jump Squats-20; Long Jump/3 Back-8; Side Plank Oblique Touch-L13 R13

Strength-Day 19:  Stats: Plank Rows-11; Squat Thrust-5; Lunge DB Touch-L15 R15; Jumping Jacks-8/7; Around the World-15; Burpees-3; Lateral Lunge Touch-L15 R14; Squat Jumps-5/5; Overhead Tricep Extensions-25; Irish Jig-12; Plank Object Touch-36; Mountain Climbers-30

Cardio-Day 20:  I skipped today's cardio workout and went with my neighbor to the gym.  We did a one hour Body Sculpting and Abs class.  It definitely worked muscles that I have not been using and I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow!

Rest-Day 21:  I don't think chasing an eight month old around the house all day is taking it  That's a workout in itself ;)  I enjoyed the day with Em while Michael was out golfing.

I wouldn't say that I have really had any big challenges this week.  My sweet tooth, if I haven't mentioned before, is going to sabotage everything.  I did make lactation cookies this week so I don't feel as guilty.  That's acceptable, right?

My goal for the next week is basically the same as it has been; to eat healthier meals and to get a walk in with Emma on top of my workouts(which we did this week). Oh, and I will be logging my meals this week to see if it helps.  I'm sure it will.  That is something I have not been doing. 

I would love to hear how your week went and what goals you have set for yourself!  Have a great week!  We are almost one month in!


Monday, January 19, 2015

BBM Challenge | Fit Test/Weigh-in Day

I'm not going to lie, I was dreading this weigh-in a bit.  I can feel a difference, but not being able to see a difference can still be a let-down so it really made me nervous.  Of course, I'm not one to let it get me down, but I'm sure you can understand that feeling.  I mean, I'm not the only one, right? 

Here you'll see my beginning stats from two weeks ago and then how I did today.

Starting Stats:
Waist: 38"
Hips:   39"
Chest: 43"
Bicep: 11"
Thigh: 23"
Calf:   14.5"

Squat Press- 20
Push Ups- 20
Jump Squats- 16
Tricep Dips- 17
Lunge Kick (right)- 10
Lunge Kick (left)- 10
Mountain Climbers- 40 (left+right=1)
Elbow Plank hold- 12 seconds

Here are my current stats:
Weight: 152.2
Waist: 36"
Hips:  37"
Chest: 39"
Bicep: 11"
Thigh: 22"
Calf:   14.5"

Day 15: Fit Test
Squat Press- 35
Push Ups- 24
Jump Squats- 23
Tricep Dips- 30
Lunge Kick (right)- 17
Lunge Kick (left)- 17
Mountain Climbers- 52 (each leg)
Elbow Plank hold- 20 seconds

Wow!  I seriously can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see how much I improved in just two weeks.  This challenge has been totally worth it.  Honestly, it makes me happier to see that I can do more reps than it does to see my progress with my weight, etc.  I really pushed myself today and keeping a record of everything is a must.  I'm ready to see what the rest of the weeks brings.

My goals for the next weeks are to continue this workout, get an extra workout in (walking with Em) and get on a meal plan.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

6 Month Update | Emma Grace

Happy 1/2 birthday to my sweet and fun-loving baby girl! 

Weight: 15.6 lbs (49% percentile)
Length: 25 3/4 inches (60% percentile)
Milestones:  My goodness-Emma is standing.  She even lets go of whatever she is holding on to and tries to stand on her own.  She makes it a few seconds before falling on her bottom.  She is so determined! We almost have TWO more teeth!  I can see her bottom poking through and a big "bubble" on the top.  I have been reminded that she is teething too with how crazy uncomfortable she has been.  Teething is for the birds! She has learned to wave hi and bye.  It's still a work on progress, but she knows what she is doing.  It's so cute to see those little fingers and her hands moving.
Sleep:  Another vacation this month to Texas messed with her schedule, but she is still sleeping most of the night.  She is waking around 4 am to nurse, but then sleeps until 8am.
Eating:  Holy cow!  This girl loves to eat.  She is eating food now that I cut into chunks.  She has tried so many new things and I have even started letting her eat things that I eat.  I'm still careful about what I give her though.  Nothing processed or full of salt and sugar.  She loves avocado and can easily eat half of one chopped up during lunchtime.  We are still nursing as well...almost 7 months strong!!
Favorites:  She gets so excited when Baby Genius comes on.  It's part of her morning routine after playtime and when Mommy needs to take a shower.  Lol.  She is such a goofy girl and loves to make these weird screeching noises and then laugh.  She loves touching faces and of course, grabbing everything.  She still loves to read books and will sit still and study each page as we read them.  Bath time hasn't changes and she loves to look at herself in the mirror.  She really enjoys being outside and the weather has been amazing. 
Dislikes:    Not much has changed about what Emma doesn't like.  She doesn't want to be still long enough to have her diaper change.  She is better about her car seat, but that is occasionally a struggle.  She is not a fan of her high chair.  She does not like her carseat at all these days.  It is a struggle to get her in it and she cries until we are in the car and moving.  Now that she can crawl, she doesn't like to be her chair for very long.  She does like her diaper changed when she's tired and fights us every time we try to put clothes on her.  She would be perfectly happy going around naked all the time.
Clothes:  She is in 6 month clothes and fitting into some 6-12 months.  She is growing so fast!


BBM Challenge | Week 2

Strength-Day 8: It feels good to workout after having one day of rest.  I feel energized!  And I really like the new routine.
Stats: Squat Swing-L22 R22; Triangle Push Ups-20; Static Lunge-Bicep Curls-L17 R16; Burpees-13; Elbow Plank Twist (knees at 90 degree angle instead of straight on-a goal to look forward to)-L11 R12

Cardio-Day 9:  Holy soreness.  Today was rough, but I'm really liking these new exercises.
Stats: Big Arm Skip-60; Side-to-Side Squat Shuffle-24; Mountain Climbers-50(each leg); Pogo Hop-L16 R18; Squat Thrust-12; Front Jacks-50; Speed Skaters-38; Jog in Place-60secs; Plank Up Downs-11

Strength-Day 10:  Ahh...I am so sore.  Another day down!
Stats: Squat Swing-L21 R25; Triangle Push Ups-24 (against wall); Static Lunge-Bicep Curls-L16 R15; Burpees-11; Elbow Plank Twist (knees at 90 degree angle instead of straight on-a goal to look forward to)-L13 R13

Cardio-Day 11:   Not as sore today and feeling good.
Stats: Big Arm Skip-58; Side-to-Side Squat Shuffle-26; Mountain Climbers-50(each leg); Pogo Hop-L15 R15; Squat Thrust-12; Front Jacks-55; Speed Skaters-32; Jog in Place-60secs; Plank Up Downs-10

Strength-Day 12:  Stats: Squat Swing-L22 R25; Triangle Push Ups-30 (against wall); Static Lunge-Bicep Curls-L15 R15; Burpees-12; Elbow Plank Twist (knees at 90 degree angle instead of straight on-a goal to look forward to)-L15 R16

Cardio -Day 13:  Yay for the last workout this week!
Stats: Big Arm Skip-55; Side-to-Side Squat Shuffle-30; Mountain Climbers-55(each leg); Pogo Hop-L15 R15; Squat Thrust-13; Front Jacks-53; Speed Skaters-35; Jog in Place-60secs; Plank Up Downs-10

Rest-Day 14:  Nothing crazy today.  Went to church, played outside with Em (it was a beautiful day) and had a great dinner with Michael and his parents.  Looking forward to a new week :)

My biggest challenge this week was staying on track with the actual workouts.  I know 20 minutes a day is totally doable, but things can get a little crazy around here for this first time mommy with an 8 month old.  She was clingy earlier this week so I really had to motivate myself to workout and not sit around and cuddle with her all day.  I definitely ate a lot better this week, but still need to make some adjustments.  My sweet tooth is killing me!

My goal for the next week is to really try and eat 5 healthy meals a day and to continue to get a walk in with Emma on top of my workouts.  I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge as much as I am.  I know that it isn't easy, but it will be worth it....stick with it!

What has been your biggest challenge this week?  What is one goal for next week?


Sunday, January 11, 2015

BBM Challenge | Week 1

Thank goodness for rest day!  Can I get an AMEN?! ;)  It feels amazing to have made it through the first week.  I know I still have a ways to go, but I know it's possible if I just take it a week at a time.

Here is how my week went...

Cardio-Day 2: Well, I definitely broke a sweat.  That was killer!
Stats: Jog in place-60sec; Step ups-20L 15R; Jump Rope-100; X squats-15 (each leg); Pogo Hop-130; Burpee(the worst)-10; Jumping Jacks-50; Side to Side Squat Shuffle-15 (each side); Star Plank-30

Strength-Day 3:  I am so sore today!  Strength training wasn't bad.  I know that I need to stretch a few more minutes though because my muscles are really tight.  Pretty good over all.
Stats: Squat Press-20; Bent over Rows-35; Reverse Lunge-16L 14R; Irish Jig-45; L-Raises-16; Mountain Climbers-40; Elbow Plank-30sec

Cardio-Day 4:   Still a little sore, but saw some improvement already in my scores!
Stat: Jog in place-60sec; Step ups-17L 19R; Jump Rope-107; X Squats-15 (each leg); Pogo Hop-133; Burpees-11; Jumping Jacks-44; Side to Side Squat Shuffle-15 (each side); Star Plank-35

Strength-Day 5:  I'll take strength over cardio any day ;)
Stats: Squat Press-25; Bent over Rows-38; Reverse Lunge-L 17 R15; Irish Jig-55(each leg); L-Raises-16(each arm); Mountain Climbers-46(each side); Elbow Plank-20sec

Cardio-Day 6:  I am so glad this is the last day of the week.
Stats: Jog in place-60sec; Step ups-15L 14R; Jump Rope-130; X Squats-12 (each leg); Pogo Hop-110; Burpees-13; Jumping Jacks-25; Side to Side Squat Shuffle-15 (each side); Star Plank-45

Rest-Day 7:  I went to a good friend's bridal shower and had such a good time.  Michael has been great and pretty much taken care of Emma all day, so when I got home I was able to catch up on things for my shop.

My biggest challenge this week has been "diet".  I did not eat as well as I should (example: Mexican food and cupcakes).  Oops.  #sorrynotsorry  <--Can I use a hash tag there? 

My goal for the next week is to eat 5 healthy meals a day and to get a walk in with Emma on top of my workouts.  She loves being outside and unlike my Texas family and friends, it has been gorgeous weather here in FL.  #sorrynotsorry #again  Hehe.

How did you spend your rest day?  What has been your biggest challenge this week?  What is one goal for next week?


Saturday, January 10, 2015

To Grandmother's House We Go

Early October we took a little road trip to Kentucky/Indiana to visit Michael's family.  Michael and I had a chance to spend the day in Indianapolis and had such a good time.  Here are a few pictures from our first family road trip and mini vacay.  It was absolutely gorgeous there and I can't wait to go back.

Emma's first time swinging

Monday, January 5, 2015

BBM Challenge | Day 1

Whew!  I just finished Day 1 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 3.0 (a 90 day workout challenge) and let me tell you, I needed it.  I am so determined to get fit.  I know it sounds like the typical cliché "New Year, New You" but seriously it just happened that the new challenge started today and it was perfect timing.

Since having Emma I have been able to lose all the baby weight I gained, which honestly was not a lot and was easy to do.  However, I think because it was so easy, I slacked a little and now I just feel (and look) like a blob.  ;)

This workout is tough, but very quick.  Only 10 minutes long!  You can subscribe to Briana's YouTube videos by clicking here- BBM Challenge 3.0 so that you won't miss a workout.  Her e-mails are amazing.  She tells you everything you need to know from exercising to eating right.  Eating healthy is my biggest downfall :/ 

One thing you will learn is that Accountability is key!  If anyone would like to join me in this challenge, please feel free.  The reason I am blogging about my progress is 1, so I will actually keep up with it and 2, accountability which basically goes with number one so I encourage anyone who wants a partner to let me know.

Here are my current stats:

Starting weight:155lbs
Waist: 35"
Hips:   39"
Chest: 43"
Bicep: 11"
Thigh: 23"
Calf:   14.5"

Day 1: Fit Test (8 minutes long)
*Each exercise was in 1 minutes intervals with a 10 second break

Squat Press (with weights)- 20
Push Ups- 20
Jump Squats- 16
Tricep Dips- 17
Lunge Kick (right)- 10
Lunge Kick (left)- 10
Mountain Climbers- 40 (left+right=1)
Elbow Plank hold- 12 seconds

By this end of this my body was like jello, but overall I felt good and can't wait for tomorrow's workout.  I'm anxious to keep track of my progress.  Feel free to let me know how you're doing!  I'm here to help you along the way if you need it!  It's not too late :)